Our Team

ACG Interexpertiza today employs more than 150 professionals of the highest qualification. Most of our employees possess state and international certificates of auditors, tax consultants, appraisers and/or IFRS experts. Many of them are monographs and articles authors.

ACG Interexpertiza CEO

Magomedrasul Murtazaliev, doctor of economics, professor, certified auditor and appraiser is responsible for general management of the Group and approves development strategy: "Professional skills are of the most significant importance when providing services. For our clients to receive only the services of high quality we invest in personnel development and training on a permanent basis, provide information support for professional activities".

There are five main Departments in ACG Interexpertiza:

International Reporting Department

The Department was founded to effectively coordinate all the international projects of ACG Interexpertiza. Personnel of the department coordinates work of all the company’s divisions during IFRS/ foreign GAAP services rendering and international audit and consulting projects performing. As the nature of international reporting services requires the majority of employees of the department are fluent in English.

For more than 13 years the dynamic development of our company is connected with the name of Anton Kalanov, the founder of the International Reporting Department. Anton is an experienced specialist in the field of Russian and International reporting and the author of around 50 publications in leading Russian professional editions.

General Audit Department

Today more than half of all the staff works in the General Audit Department. Julia Koroleva, General Audit Department Director, is an expert with the highest skills level in audit who gets on with both clients and auditors. She forms working groups of auditors and optimally distributes the workload among specialists from her Department ensuring high quality of services.

Tax and Law Department

Under the supervision of Elena Chernishova, an energetic and enthusiastic Director of the Tax and Law department, lawyers and tax consultants successfully solve the following tasks:
  • Advising clients on issues in the spheres of accounting, tax and law;
  • Participation in audits;
  • Representing the clients’ interests in government bodies, arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

Appraisal Department

From the first days the Appraisal Department of ACG Interexpertiza is directed by Olga Lifenko, a high-level specialist with a many years practical experience in valuation projects management. In the short term the Appraisal Department has achieved great results and led our company in the range of the leading valuation firms.

Methodology and Audit Quality Control Department

The Director of the Department is Julia Koroleva. By her virtue our auditors are provided with a serious methodological support at all stages of audit projects: preparation, systematization and improvement of methodology and quality control of audits. The department consists of two divisions:
  • Division of Methodology in Accounting and Audit;
  • Division of Audit Quality Control.
The specialists of the Division of Methodology in Accounting and Audit develop internal standards, procedures and programs of audit, standard working papers and also prepare strategies for major projects of our company.

The Division of Audit Quality Control checks the conformity of quality of audit services rendered by our specialists to the requirements of Russian legislation, International Standards on Auditing (ISA), rules and standards of professional audit associations, a member of which our company is, and to internal standards and procedures.