Услуги (английская версия)

Audit of Russian GAAP financial statements: statutory and voluntary; audit of consolidated financial statements and stand-alone financial statements; consulting on audit.
Tax audit; management audit; accounting peer review; audit of internal control system, efficient use of property analysis; personnel audit; audit of business processes; and other procedures.
Business valuation; real estate valuation; valuation of intangible assets; revaluation of fixed assets; valuation of vehicles, machinery and equipment; valuation for IFRS purposes.
Accounting and tax consulting; tax due diligence; tax audit; tax disputes resolution; tax accounting; setting of tax accounting; tax risks management; corporate taxation; transfer taxation; international taxation; taxation expertise of mergers and acquisitions; tax planning; marketing policies and taxation; taxation of stock operations; taxation of urgent deals; individual taxation.
Civil law; land law; labor law; corporate law; real estate deals; foreign economic activity; international law; tax law; resolution of tax disputes; tax advisory; legal advising; collection of receivables; economic activity schemes; representation of client’s interest.
Development of accounting policies, including for holdings; development of chart of accounts, including for holdings; implementation of accounting system;  development of an effective algorithm for statements fast-close; development of system of consolidated statements preparation; development of accounting methodic; methodological support of complex transactions and deals; accounting advisory; development and description, optimization of business processes; accounting system restructuring in the course of business restructuring; implementation and optimization of internal control system.
Accounting, including tax accounting; implementation of accounting systems, including tax accounting; payroll processing; HR outsourcing.
Operational due diligence; financial due diligence; tax due diligence; legal due diligence; IFRS and GAAP for due diligence; valuation for due diligence; consolidation for due diligence.