Audit Services by ACG Interexpertiza

Taking into account that audit ensures faithfulness of financial statements and, therefore, provides objective information for decisions made by shareholders, investors and business partners, audit in ACG Interexpertiza includes the following primary duties:
  • To obtain reasonable assurance to provide an independent opinion regarding the reliability of all financial statements including documentation represented in accordance with the terms, conditions, and objectives of the contract;
  • To determine the compliance of the client’s accounting system with the requirements of legislation;
  • To determine the compliance of client’s internal control system with the requirements of legislation and peculiarities of its business;
  • To assess implementation of the tax legislation and other legislation requirements in all material aspects;
  • To reveal critical areas and untapped reserves of the client in accounting, taxation, internal control automation etc.
The distinguishing strength of ACG Interexpertiza is its ability to assemble high-performance project teams comprising professionals of various disciplines in order to resolve particularly complicated issues of our clients.

Audit is an independent review of a company’s financial statements for the purpose of expressing an opinion about the reliability of these statements. Audit allows shareholders, investors and business partners to be confident in the financial reporting data. Thus, the audit serves as a basis for making important strategic decisions. As a result of audit we issue an auditor’s report and also a detailed management letter which contains valuable recommendations on improvement ofinternal control and accounting system Our significant advantage is the ability to create high-performance working groups, which include not only professional auditors, but tax specialists, lawyers and IFRS specialists. It allows to carry out comprehensive analysis of statements and indentify all material errors and misstatements. On clients demand, an audit may be carried out by several steps (by quarters and half a year), which allows to decrease the burden for accountants during the annual report preparation, and also provides the ability to adjust errors and misstatements detected during review of the previous statements in proper time.

Irina Kunitsa, Director of the General Audit Department will be glad to answer your questions about audit engagements carried out by ACG Interexpertiza.

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