Tax Related Services

Tax Related Services

We provide the following services in the field of taxation:

  • Tax audit;
  • Accounting and tax consulting;
  • Tax due diligence;
  • Resolution of tax disputes;
  • Tax accounting;
  • Implementation of tax accounting;
  • Tax risks management;
  • Mergers and acquisitions support;
  • Corporate taxation;
  • Marketing policies and tax;
  • Transfer taxation;
  • Taxation of operations with securities;
  • International taxation;
  • Taxation of urgent deals;
  • Tax planning;
  • Taxation of individuals.

Tax Audit

Tax audit is a complex examination of company’s financial and economic activity for a certain period of time aimed at determination of cases of incorrect tax accounting, mistakes in tax returns, understated or excess tax calculation and tax risks estimation. As a result, the customer receives information about:
  • Existence and amount of tax risks, as well as the possibility to use tax optimization schemes in future;
  • Compliance of applied tax accounting system with the legislation;
  • Compliance of company’s tax returns with source documents and results of audit;
  • Misstatements in tax accounting, their consequences and methods of adjustment;
  • Necessary changes in tax returns in order to pay (return) unpaid (overpaid) taxes.

Resolution Of Tax Disputes

Our specialists have extensive experience in resolving disputes with tax authorities. We will prepare answers to tax authorities requests issued in the course of in-office audits, provide legal support and will represent your interests in dealing with tax authorities officials, including at any control activities (seizures, inspections, etc.). We will prepare objections to inspection acts with legal justification of your position and examples of positive trial practice on similar cases. Also, our specialists will represent your interests when considering such objections. Claims could be sufficiently reduced after consideration by the head of the tax authority. We successfully apply developed practices of submission of claims to court, collection and presentation of evidence. This allows to decrease significantly the period of the case proceeding and to meet your requirements.

Implementation Of Tax Accounting

When implementing tax accounting in a company our specialists develop an accounting system for particular taxes for aspecific user which then promptly responses to tax legislation changes. This system is aimed at:
  • Complete and reliable collection of data concerning company’s income and expenses;
  • Ensure the chronological and continuous accounting of economic activity facts which may cause tax base changes.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a complete use of all legitimate tax reliefs, tax exemptions and other legal ways to reduce tax obligations. In this field we perform:
  • Determination of possible use of tax privileges;
  • Development of effective accounting policies related to taxation, considering business specifics;
  • Selection of optimal taxation system;
  • Tax risks analysis;
  • Calculation of tax burden for business scheme, used in company;
  • Development of business scheme, that fits agreed parameters.

Please feel free to contact Elena Chernishova, Director of Tax and Law Department, for further information relating to legal support.

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