Accounting Consulting

Accounting Consulting

Accounting consulting is advising by an external company’s specialist on all matters of tax and accounting. Improvement of accounting efficiency is the main purpose of accounting consulting.

Development Of Accounting Policies

Improvement of accounting efficiency is inevitably related with development of accounting policy. Effective accounting policy allows on the one hand to properly regulate the accounting process and the financial statements compilation and on the other hand — to improve the quality of company’s management through providing accurate information. Our specialists develop accounting policy for a whole company and for separate sectors of accounting, as well as conduct analysis of current accounting policy aimed at its improvement.

Accounting System Implementation

One of the key stages of accounting policy development is accounting system implementation. Setting of an effective accounting system requires consideration of both internal factors (particularity and scope of activities, organizational structure, corporate policies, etc.) and external factors (macroeconomic trends, changes in legislation, etc.). It includes:
  • Development of chart of accounts for both individual companies and consolidated groups;
  • Development of the document workflow system (forms of source documents, order of their issue and use);
  • Development of intra-corporate standards of transactions accounting, preparation of financial statements and tax returns.

General Spheres

  • Development of accounting policies, including for holdings;
  • Development of chart of accounts, including for holdings;
  • Implementation of the accounting system;
  • Development of an effective algorithm for statements fast-close;
  • Implementation of system of consolidated statements preparation;
  • Development of accounting methodic;
  • Methodological support of complex transactions and deals;
  • Maintenance and restoring of accounting;
  • Business process development, description and optimization;
  • Accounting system restructuring in the course of business restructuring;
  • Implementation and optimization of internal control system.

Accounting System Restructuring in The Course of Business Restructuring

Business restructuring is a global change in the financial, operating, and investment activities of a company.

Our specialists possess great experience in the field of business processes implementation and offer the following services:
  • Current company situation examination and development of an arrangement plan for activities restructuring and financial recovery;
  • Legal support of activities developed within the framework of restructuring;
  • Accounting services for restructuring processes, including adaptation of current accounting model to structural changes together with the appropriate methodological support and also consulting on accounting of complex and non-typical operations of business restructuring;
  • Tax consulting on restructuring transactions, including tax consequences of restructuring.

Forms Of Consulting

Our clients can choose the most suitable for them form of cooperation. We offer the following options:
  • Subscription service includes a permanent complete support of client’s economic activity. It saves our clients from maintaining of their own legal and tax department;
  • We also advise on the basis of hourly payment for our specialist’s work. Labor costs are declared before commencement of the work, after preliminary discussion of initial data;
  • Execution of a single task is used when its content may be predicted by both parties beforehand with considerable reliability.

Business Process Development, Description and Optimization

Our company provides complete support of accounting of the most complex operations, including those of complicated legal form. Our specialists can support preparation, conclusions and accounting of complicated deals, including those related to reorganization and business expansion.


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